The action and intonation are spot on. The instrument that I have has rosewood back and sides, and has incredible volume and sustain which is really striking. It rings beautifully. 
— Brian McGrath | Mandolin Player | Ireland

The highest standards in solid wood construction with exact specifications and maximum tonal potential.


I share a vision with the Pono team to provide working musicians and devoted acoustic students with high-end boutique instruments at an affordable price.


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Tuning Options For Your KR Strings Pono Octave


GDAE: Mandolin tuning

DGBE: Guitar tuning

GgDdAAEE: The two lower choruses are tuned in octaves. This tuning gives the impression that much more is happening in the sound. It's great for backing up vocals.

GDAD/ADAD: Irish Bouzouki—a popular tuning technique in the Celtic community. A droning open string works well behind fiddles, flutes, pipes, etc.

DdGgBBEE: 12-string guitar tuning. Like Bouzouki tuning, the two lower choruses are tuned in octaves.

DGBD: Slack key octave mano.

CGDA: Tenor guitar or mandocello tuning. This requires a .056" or .058" C string, the rest of the octave set moves up to the next higher course. Capoing at the seventh fret returns you to a short scale (15 1/4") octave mandolin where all your usual mandolin fingerings are easily reached.